Generic Upload Page: Upload Your Pictures/Audio Files!


For audio, we prefer.wav files but we can use .mp3.
If you have your own pictures/audio that you would like to use in the spot, you can upload them after you hit the "Upload your Pictres/Audio" button. Please make sure:
- that you own them and have the right to use them.
- that they are at least 640x480 pixels or larger
- that they are in a standard picture file format, such as jpg., png. bmp., etc.
- that they are in "landscape" and not "portrait"; in other words, they are not "tall" but shaped like a TV screen so they'll fit in the picture space we have designed.



Please name the files so that we will know where to use them in the spot. For pictures of employees, please name the files with the employee’s names.

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Now what? It’s Our Turn to Try to Impress You.

We’ll put something together based upon your input of what you needed for the spot we’re creating for you. If you have a script you want us to use, if you want to do your own narration, if you want to mix your narration with one of our professional narrators, any and all of these things can be done. We’ll make suggestions, but the final decisions are yours.

We’ll get back to you with a script/storyboard for you to approve before we ask you for payment, so that you can make sure we’ve got it right.

Some General Guidelines and Information:

One of the issues so many people have in putting together local TV commercials is to try to fit too many messages into a :30 spot because they don't want to pay for more than one spot. However, television advertising is an investment - and if we truly want to establish some quality, we need to make sure the message we send effectively works when viewed. Some studies report that people will generally be able to recall up to three messages or ideas in a :30 TV spot. The bottom line is, if you’re going to invest in television ads, make sure the ads you create get the attention of your target audience.


Most of our competitors nationally charge anywhere between $1,900 to as low as $1,000 per :30 TV spot using motion video sequences and professional narration as we do, although they rarely feature animations and animated graphics that compare to ours. We begin by offering a price that's considerably less than they charge for production quality that at least meets and virtually always exceeds what they offer.

One of the things we hope our clients realize is that through experience we have developed a method that saves people money. Our media buyers effectively negotiate for time because of their knowledge and experience. We also have developed ways to lower the cost of production.


People have asked us about revisions to commercials after the work is completed. Revisions to a commercial after it is done means you go back and edit something again - narrators have to read it again - graphics have to be revised, re-created and re-composited - all of those require more time and more cost on our end. The narrators charge us for their services every time they read - or re-read a spot. Computer time and technician time re-doing something that you changed your mind about after the original work was completed still has the time and associated costs attached to them, and we can't afford to just absorb those - our small margins of profit are very low already.


You’re welcome to buy your own TV time and we don’t charge you any more if you don’t buy it through us. However, if you would like our media buyers to put a schedule together for you, you might be surprised at what they can negotiate in your behalf. They have a number of preliminary questions they have to ask before they approach their contacts at the cable and broadcast companies. By answering these questions in advance, you can help them get you the best schedule available. Here’s a link to The Media Buying page.

Also, we’ll be glad to answer any additional questions you may have. We really appreciate your interest in us and I’m eager to get back to you ASAP.

Best Regards,

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