Getting an ad on TV is a two part process. First, you need to make a great TV ad - that's the part I do. Then, you need to buy time on broadcast or cable TV to run your ad. you can buy the time yourself, or I can put you in touch with professionals who can get you great deals on TV time.



(WHO do you need/most want to sell to?)

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to tell me they want to target everybody. I heard that once from the owner of a video game store. I suggested he place his ads on "Days of Our Lives"... and he got the message - the people watching that soap opera probably do not play video games. He would do much better on MTV2 or GH4. So identify your target demographic.

In a typical 30 second TV ad, people usually remember about three ideas. That's it.

So identify the three things you most want people to remember when you run your ad - the last of those ideas being the most important, which is what you want them to do when they see your ad. Go to a web site, call a phone number, visit your store, whatever it is, that "call to action" is most important.


To make a great low cost ad, we start with a script. You can write it yourself or I can write it. If I write it, it helps if you can give me as much information  as possible -  including the three most important ideas you need to get across in the ad. To begin the process, you'll need to either make a down payment or pay in advance for the ad. If you pay in advance, you save money and I'll work on your ad as soon as we receive your payment.

Once I have an approved script from you, I’ll create an unlisted online 1st Approval version of your ad. You can then make changes and I’ll do it again. To keep my prices low, after you purchase the ad, I can revise the finished ad four times – that means producing up to four revised versions of the ad. This give you an opportunity to see a revised version based on your changes after seeing the 1st approval version, order more changes, see that new version, order more changes, see the next version, order more changes, and see one more new version. This should give anyone enough changes to get it very close to what they envisioned, unless they start making new changes to the ad that were never mentioned in the original script.

I will send you a “send this file” link to download the actual files in Windows Media Format and Apple Quicktime H.264 format. I suggest the Windows Media format to use for uploads to your Youtube channel, to your Facebook pages, and other social media. The Windows Media files are smaller and take less time to upload, but are very good quality. Also, you can put long-tail keywords with your videos on social media. Many times Google spiders that search for new content will actually rank your video higher than your web page, so it’s a great way to get more people to your web site.

I normally send the TV ads I produce to stations across the country through a digital delivery service, Extreme Reach. They provide excellent quality. Your purchase price includes sending each ad you purchase to one TV or cable TV station. Sending the TV ad to additional stations is $24 for each additional station (SD).  It is $150 for each station receiving an HD broadcast copy.

D. I will send you a Windows Media version and

a Quicktime version. I will send a BROADCAST

VERSION to your cable or broadcast TV station.


1. Let me make you a great TV ad

2. Buy time to put it on cable or broadcast TV


Identify your MAIN POINTS for me and I’ll

write it for you - or you can write it.

C . I will do a 1st Approval Online Version

I can change it up to FOUR TIMES after that to

get it as close to what you want as possible.

Low Cost TV Ads - How It Works

People new to TV want to see a price list so that they can pick and choose. However, it usually doesn’t work that way. It’s more like buying airline tickets, because the prices of spots vary a lot depending on when they run, where they run, the times that are available, the time of year, it goes on and on. You can go to the stations yourself and buy the time, but if you’ve not done it before, I highly recommend you work with a professional time buyer.

Time buyers will ask you a couple of key questions: What is your target demographic and how much per month are you comfortable spending? With that information,  they will negotiate for you to get a schedule put together for you to review.

People ask me how much it costs to use a professional time buyer. The fact is, they get a lower Agency Rate from TV companies because they bring them so much business - a rate the TV companies don’t give you as an individual. So they use that as their commission, and you end up not spending any more than you would have if you had gone directly to the TV company. Actually, most times you pay less and get more bang for your buck because they know the rates and the business. It would be like having a best friend who is a car dealer negotiate a price for your next car.

The time buy pros I work with are great - and all of us work together to try to make your TV ad as successful as we possibly can.  


- You can buy time on your own or let us help

- If you have never done it before, get help.