Jeff has been fascinated with television and motion picture production since childhood. In high school, he became a semi-finalist in the national Kodak Teenage Movie Awards, with an unedited 8mm original film. In college, his student films won consecutive awards. While in college, he went to work as a cameraman at the local television station, KXII TV in Sherman, Texas, later working his way up to become the youngest production manager they had ever employed. Through his efforts the station experienced many firsts, including local appearances for the annual Jerry Lewis telethon by Phyllis Diller, Paul Lynde, the Texas Rangers, and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. As he was becoming known for his work at the television station, he was eager to move to a place with  better production values. Offered jobs in three different cities simultaneously, Jeff opted for the one he thought would allow him to do the most creative work.  He moved to Pollaro Media, an advertising agency and TV production company, becoming Chief of Video Operations. Here, Jeff wrote and directed regional and national spots for a variety of clients, including Subaru, Honda, Lincoln Mercury,Grandys, Carl's Tasty Sausage, Minyards, and many others. As a "hands-on" director, in addition to directing, writing, and doing the computer-based video editing, he also sharpened his skills at camera in both video and 35mm film production, as well as lighting, sound, and production management. This also gave Jeff the unique opportunity to work with actors and professional spokespersons. The most valuable experience from the Pollaro years was Jeff’s ability to create stunning productions with the smallest of budgets and resources.     

Because of the long hours involved, Jeff left Pollaro Media and joined Community Video in Dallas as a video editor in order to spend more time with his family. Here, he edited national television series and specials, including the Billy Graham Crusades and Zola Levitt Presents. But after a couple of years he yearned to direct again, and so he formed The Production Group with partner Mark Schatzman. They created a series of syndicated

national commercials, followed by promotional and training videos for corporations such as American Cyanamid and ICI Americas, as well as writing and directing national commercials for The Billy Graham Crusades. After Schatzman left to go into the medical industry in 1994, Neill started his own company, JN Productions.

From that point on, Jeff Neill and JN Productions have created outstanding television and video projects for a host of major clients, including ICI Americas, NEC Americas, The Christian Satellite Network, Copesan Services, Upjohn, Frito Lay, Nortel Networks, The Texas CPA Society, The Dallas CPA Society, and VISA, as well as many others. He also created a video training company with partner, Dr. Ted Granovsky. Their company, PCVN, has produced over sixty one-hour programs that have been used all across the United States and in seven countries worldwide.


When asked to create innovative training videos for clients, Jeff brought his creative background to the video training arena. He wrote and directed various comedy and dramatic programs with actors he had used in his TV broadcast work. For Nortel Networks, he brought together comic actors to show how not to program their new systems, and what could go wrong when you didn’t follow their instructions.

For PCVN, he rented a western town, staged gunfights, dressing actors and experts up in western garb, in what is now considered to be among the best of the sixty-plus episodes in the series.

For Copesan Services, the third largest pest control company in the nation behind Orkin and Terminix, he directed a comedy program about how not to do pest control, with “Willard”, the embodiment of every bad cliche’ known about the worst pest control employees.

In each of the dramas, Jeff had to work on an extremely tight schedule and with a very small budget. Both were brought in on time and within the budget. Jeff innovated his production methods, using practical locations, even small rooms in his church. Jeff continues to win awards (now, eleven and counting) for his productions - he even won an award for a fishing program he directed.He also writes feature scripts - his first of three parts Whirlwinds script won the Dallas Writer’s Association Best Screenplay award and he is now working on his first novel. He continues to create innovative TV commercials, training and promotional programming, and is even in front of the camera for his Breakout Moments motivational series.

The slogan for JN Productions is Productions You Remember, From People You Like.  Ask virtually anyone who has worked with Jeff and they’ll tell you there is a lot to like. Writer, producer, director, innovator, talented artist - Jeff Neill is the catalyst that brings memorable, compelling productions to life.

JN Productions/Low Cost TV Ads is owned by Jeff Neill and operates as a sole-proprietorship from his home studio in Highland Village, Texas.  It has been in business since 1994.

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